About Us

Meet the Professionals and Cycling Enthusiasts Behind JAGZ

A Father-Son Thing
If you're an avid cyclist or MTBer, have something to contribute, and would like to join our team—let us know!

David Jaget

David grew up road cycling with his father in the '70s and ‘80s. He's pretty sure he witnessed the first mountain bikers riding steep granite rocks in New York's Central Park. After the 2008 real estate collapse, a good friend suggested they go mountain biking. That sparked a passion that hasn't ceased. He became the president of the So NV MTB Bike Ass. Wherever he traveled, the bike went too! However, there was no easy way to find the best trail and brew. A local friend was needed. JAGZ was born.

Michael Jaget

Michael is a USC business graduate who's traveled the world more extensively than one should legally be allowed. Michael's ridden in exotic places like Tibet, Thailand, Australia, Columbia, Israel, Peru, Morocco, Singapore, and so many more! He's established himself as an important asset in a couple of large tech firms. His passion for travel and joy of mountain biking proved to be an easy decision for him to join his dad on this exciting adventure called JAGZ.

Chelsea Pougher

Chelsea is a former bank underwriter who uses her meticulous and intelligent mind to run her own collection agency. She can be found rolling the trails and roads in the Red Rock Conservation area or on the pages of the JAGZ Instagram account (@jagzgirl). She's developed quite a following...go figure.

Mike Nguyen

Mike is a successful and well-respected attorney in the Las Vegas valley. His interests, however, are wide and varied. Mike has several successful businesses from real estate to publishing. While on a business meeting for other matters, Mike's interest peaked when hearing about JAGZ. After a few, short weeks of research, a new member with very different and important talents joined the team.


Moishe is the JAGZ official “Trail Dog.” He's been on virtually every mountain bike ride with David for 4 and 1/2 years! He's always a crowd favorite, and it's not unusual for MTBers to come to David's house and take Moishe for a ride. Moishe is an Australian Shepherd who loves to chase rabbits (never, ever caught one), beg for food at the neighborhood restaurant, and herd the local donkeys. It was his idea to create a 'Trail Dog' profile within JAGZ.

If you'd like to invest in JAGZ, feel free to reach out through this site. We welcome enthusiastic, smart people with deep pockets.