Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cycling App

A local who is enthusiastic about meeting fellow cyclists traveling through their town. A host is like your buddy who knows all the trails and best places to dine, drink, or lodge. A host has the option to charge or not. A host might be restricted from charging on certain gov't and private lands.

Tour guides are often, but not always, certified by a governing body. Guides can be permitted to ride and charge in areas others are not. Additionally, they are able to rent bikes and create multiple tours in the JAGZ app. Guides often have a level of experience and skill that adds real value. Sometimes, they work for a parent tour company or bike shop.

A host can charge for their time but is not obligated to do so. The host and the traveler can decide how they spend their time. JAGZ serves only as a platform to meet each other and process payment.

JAGZ provides both hosts and professional guides a payment portal travelers can use that utilizes industry-standard options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and CC. JAGZ takes 10% of the fee to maintain and add new features to the app. Hosts are paid per hour and guides are paid per tour.

Professional guides and bike shops can rent bikes through JAGZ.

Tours are offered by professional guides, bike shops, or tour companies. They are often in areas that are restricted to others and may require permits. Tours, generally, are well-conceived and led by an experienced cyclist who likely has a complement of skills superior to a layperson. Additionally, tours often include pickup, transportation, food, instruction, and bike rental.

Travelers book 'meetings' with hosts. JAGZ is a platform that introduces travelers to hosts who share your biking passion, wherever you travel in the world. We do not presume to know how you will spend your time together.

Permits are generally not required. However, professional guides (not hosts) are often granted permits to access government or private lands that make them a more desirable choice for a traveler sometimes. It is important, as with all areas of life, to know the laws and regulations in your area. They can vary vastly across countries.

Often professional guides are insured. This might be important to a traveler when choosing between a host and a guide. That being said, all parties are responsible for their own decisions and actions. In addition to the multiple waivers signed within the app, pro-guides—and maybe even hosts—might have additional waivers and releases for a traveler to sign.

Hosts do not have to charge. And, in fact, are not allowed to charge in some government and private jurisdictions. It's important to know your local laws.

JAGZ app offers multi-day MTB and cycling options at destinations around the world. Simply tap the location of your choice in the featured section of the 'search' page, and our tour operator partners will be ready to assist.

We're proud to announce that bike-friendly lodging will be coming to JAGZ. Within the app, tap the ‘lodging’ tab to get on our contact list and get early adopter rates.

Details of provisions provided are listed in your booking or tour summary. However, you can discuss details with your guide or host in the chat within JAGZ.

At this time, advertising is by request only. Eventually, there will be a feature allowing you to create your own advert and level of distribution.

JAGZ was originally 'MTBguru.' However, we realized quickly that road cycling was a natural fit too. Additionally, we were made aware of another bike industry company with 'guru' in the name. So, after much discussion with our trademark attorney, we settled on our founder's boyhood nickname derived from his last name. It's also a tribute to his Holocaust-surviving father. JAGZ means 'to speak out.'

If you still need help, please feel free to email us. We're happy to help!